Revisiting 2020 — End of Year Recap

It is the last week of 2020, so I figured it was time to review my 20 for 20 list. In other words: I’ve been avoiding this because I didn’t think I accomplished too many of my goals, and have now run out of time to avoid it.

I can blame some of the misses on the global pandemic but must attribute others to laziness and complacency. And still others to a cancer diagnosis midway through the year that turned my life upside down and shifted my focus away from things that no longer mattered to me. Like my weight. And calligraphy. Anyway, here’s what I did (italicized) and didn’t do.

1. Go to the west coast. Nope.

2. Learn to play the ukulele. Nope. I did try a few times, but I’m musically challenged. Lil learned a few songs though, so that makes me happy. And Alex can play everything. So I still have ukulele music in my life even though I am not the one playing it.

3. Get to a comfortable weight and stay there. Nope. But I threw my scale away, so I’m calling that a win.

4. Take a girls’ trip with my best friend and my daughters. Although it wasn’t technically a girls trip, it was a fabulous vacation with my girls and my best friend and the rest of our people.

5. Travel somewhere for a book signing. This didn’t exactly happen as planned either, but some of my dear friends hosted book signings for me and I am so grateful for them and the people who showed up J

6. Do the “1 second every day” project. This was fun, and I’d highly recommend it. It’s joyful to watch the video the app generates and see the memories we made throughout the year.

7. Have a weekly phone date with my BFF. Nope. But we had a few Houseparties (which resulted in one of my favorite photos of the year) so that’s a start.

8. Read 112 books. I read 133. Thanks, Covid.

9. Re-do P’s room.

10. Get a king-sized bed. Nope. Brad, Ollie, Ruby and I are still squeezed into a queen.

11. Walk 20 minutes every day. Maybe not every day, but definitely more days than not.

12. Use the Fabulous app to reinforce positive habits. I don’t even remember this app, but it probably involved a scale. Which I already told you, I threw away.

13. Repaint the hallway and foyer.

14. Do more yoga. I think I did the same amount, but I definitely did it more mindfully.

15. Learn calligraphy or at least get better at lettering. Nope. That seems like something my 2019 self would have cared about. My 2020 self did not give a fuck.

16. Go see more plays with my fancy theater friends. We tried but were foiled by the pandemic. We did win a parking lot trivia contest and free tickets to Trumbull New Theater’s shows when they open back up. And wrapped the year with a wonderful beer and charcuterie class (thanks, Brandie!)

17. Have coffee dates with Julie. We had one real one and a few virtuals. Still not enough but a start.

18. Sell or give away all the copies of my book.

19. Write more in the kids’ books (get one for Lily). Nope. But I am going to add this to my 2021 list because when my mortality was in question, this felt more urgent.

20. Manage my time; don’t let it manage me. Perhaps because it just felt easier because I had more time? Still calling it a win.

It was a weird year for accomplishing goals that required leaving your house. I did a few things that weren’t on my list as well … started writing a novel and got another tattoo to name two.

We had lots of family time, played tons of games and added to the Sticky Bar’s fabulosity with a dart board and a pub table. I don’t hate quarantine. In fact, the inability to leave my house makes me feel safe and comfortable. And I love our house so it’s easy to be stuck here.

Some of my favorite things of 2020: Aldi Advent calendars, golf, Marathon, Blenders, Coffee Ninja, Liquid IV, Thrive Market, Etsy, spinner rings, comfy deck furniture, the hot tub, a versatile umbrella, sunscreen, big hats, walking partners, sparkling wine, books, and the Bravermans.

I’m thinking about my 21 for 2021 list now and will post later this week.

Are you a goal setter or resolution maker? If so, I’d love to know what you accomplished, where you fell short, and what you’re aspiring to in 2021.

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