21 for 21 Wrap-Up

Mary Swan-Bell
5 min readDec 27, 2021

Hello, last week of 2021. While it was happening, especially the last month, this year felt inordinately long. Looking at this list, I’m wondering how it is already almost gone. I feel like I just wrote this, but here I am reviewing it feeling buoyed by my accomplishments and slightly disappointed by the shortcomings. So, here’s my 21 for 2021 wrap-up:

1. Go kayaking. Nope. I did, however, watch my friends kayak in the beautiful blue waters of the Florida Keys.

2. Watch more sunsets. Every chance I got, including the most spectacular sunset and moonrise in the middle of the ocean.

3. Practice writing a novel. In fact, I wrote a little over 20,000 words and had great fun working on it. Maybe I’ll revisit it one day. In the meantime, real life took over, as it does, and my writing dealt more with what was happening in my actual world and less with activities in an imaginary one.

4. Visit Chloe and Joe more. We’ve spent lots of time visiting with them and even had a little getaway to celebrate our boy’s 21st birthday.

5. Speak lovingly to myself and others. I got better. And I’ll continually strive to be intentionally loving with my words, noticing when my inner critic bullies me and apologizing when I speak unkindly to others.

6. Get rid of the shoes and clothes I never wear. My closet is in constant evolution, but I keep shedding the things I don’t wear and got rid of any aspirational {shaming} items.

7. Plan a trip to Kentucky with the Swans and O’Loughlins. No, but I did get to see two out of three O’Loughlin cousins this year.

8. Do more of what I want and less of what I think I should do. You bet. Including binge-watching Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. Highly recommend.

9. Paint the kitchen ceiling. Actually all the ceilings need to be painted. We painted the bedroom and bathroom ceilings but not the kitchen. In this instance, our procrastination paid off as a leak caused some damage in the kitchen ceiling.

10. Speaking of the kitchen … cabinets, counters, backsplash and floor. Maybe. Nope.

Mary Swan-Bell

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